Moab Charter School
 dedicated to academics, art, and excellence
358 East 300 South
Moab, Utah 84532
435.259.2277 Phone
435.259.6652 Fax

Joe Heywood, Ed.D.

To visit the school, please call anytime to arrange a visit with the Director and a tour of Moab Charter.

Moab Charter School Mission

The Mission of Moab Charter School is to support and challenge each child to develop critical thinking, self-direction, and their full academic and creative potential.

Moab Charter School Vision

Moab Charter School is dedicated to providing individualized education through small differentiated classes.  The Utah Core Curricula guides our curriculum development, and our instructional methodologies are founded on scientifically researched methods, which address a diversity of learning styles.   Every child’s unique abilities are nurtured and developed through a dynamic, innovative educational experience integrating fundamental academics with science, technology, the arts, and a global perspective.